The mission of this website is to expose Donald Trump’s daily disregard for our citizens and their future generations with Bumper Stickers, Political Posters and TrumpLand Toons that we offer to the public “FREE” of charge. We only ask that you copy and share the media with your friends and perhaps have them blown up for use at tRUMP demonstrations. DO NOT use our images for resale!!

We will continually update this site. Be sure to get on our email list for update notifications. We have only posted a few selections to get the site off the ground, many more items are soon to be posted. Every news cycle finds us watching the basic laws of the land being subverted which gives us fodder for new material.

The unending craziness of this administration and their relentless strive to dismantle our government, diminish our institutions, and change our laws with total disregard to human rights and freedoms is giving us pause and courage at the same time

It has been more than two centuries since the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1787, 226 years to be exact. When our fore-fathers first gathered to get to the nitty-gritty of how we would become a nation, they tried to think of all the possible pitfalls. Unfortunately, they never could have imagined that a man such as Donald Trump would one day try to govern this nation into such a great divide.

Donald Trumps stated goal was to disassemble our government, now more than 226 years old. He has used the laws of the land, finding every loophole he could, to benefit his wealth. He has fought in court charges of racial discrimination, fraud, and bankruptcy. He has NEVER served our nation – in any capacity to forward the lives of the common man or to support the country in times of military need. How could those fore-father have envisioned a man, such as Trump to become president of ‘The United States of America‘?

Trump’s entire life is littered with LIES, GREED and an undeniable EGO. He is a man who in 2016 won the electoral college vote in an arguably nefarious way.

It may have all started at the Mayflower hotel with a seemingly suspicious meeting between Trump and the Russian ambassador. Although the exact conversation is unknown, the motives and subsequent malevolence were evident early on in the Trump campaign when Russia covertly mingled in our nation’s politics. Perhaps if the Trump constituency had known about the depth and breadth of a Russian-USA vision of the world the outcome of the election may have been different.

The Citizens of this county are now faced with a president who does NOT KNOW how to lead on the National OR International Stage. He uses his pen to repeal via executive order. He uses the bully pulpit yielding the military sword to threaten and change the balance of power around the world. Donald Trump looks up to his heroes with envy and respect as he tries to mimic, a group of tyrannical, corrupt, and authoritarian world leaders. His respect is wealth and wealth alone.

We need a commitment from our viewers to fight against tRUMP’S aggression and tyrannical use of power. We must hold tRUMP and his administration accountable for actions which daily diminish the moral values of our society.




If he wants to rule like a king – Let him buy a chunk of land that he can build a wall around to keep his subjects safe ——- Just remember to deny him the right to do so to the United States of America. –Fight the Basturd with all your heart and we will fight him together.