Ok people, we would like to compile a list of your favorite tRUMP words and phrases to our "tRUMP Era Language Dictionary". Consider what you think they may mean in 'HIS HEAD'. Of course, statistically speaking, tRUMP tells a whopper of a lie, disparaging word or disinformation statement every 3 minutes while speaking to a group of followers. As such, it is often hard to understand that when he says WHITE he really means BLACK.

To help everyone get started we have compiled a short list of words or phrases, below the bumper sticker, that you hear commonly in the discourse of White House press briefings, tRUMP tweets or in the media describing the statements or actions of various administration players. If you have a different interpretation or suggestions to add for a given definition term we will like to consider them. Please submit them and we will add them to the list.

We may edit or omit your submission if it is found to be over the top offensive. tRUMP is offensive of himself, tit for tat is understood, but let us try to keep an even headed approach to this project.

Please contact us or text your submission to phone number 225-800-SCAT.

Try to format your response like you would find it in a dictionary, (see example), and add your special twists & humor to your definitions. If you want we will also publish your moniker as shown.

What is a tRUMP ?? Help us define a "tRUMP"

Suggestions of words or phrases you might like to define in the dictionary
Fake News, Alternative facts, premium health care, saving your Medicare - Medicaid or social security, Savings, Golf, Southern White House, Muslim, Russia, putin, classified material , non disclosure pledge, Campaign promises, Loyalty, Trumpland, NATO / NATO Partners, acceptable lies, nepotism, it will be very beautiful, conflict of interests , manipulation, growing the economy, Mexicans, immigrants, immigration, travel ban, so called judges, military genius, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton,– Poles/polish people, Media enemy, border wall, Mar a Lago, Trump Univ. Comey – derogatory, women - derogatory, oppo research, etc, etc.