Friends and Countrymen

This site is born of the frustration and despair as a result of the 2016 election.

My 9 year old granddaughter awoke on election morning, ran to the television and immediately turned on the news. A ‘Shriek’ was heard throughout the house as she ran to the kitchen with tears streaming down her face. “You told me there was no way he could win,” she screamed. “Why daddy? Why”. “How did it happen? What will happen to my friends at school?” She was so distraught that she balled up her little fist and hit the sheet-rock wall actually denting it and ran to her bedroom, flung herself on her bed and wept for 3 hours…

I know the pains she felt. For a little girl she is many years ahead of her age. She would listen or watch the news in between spurts of cartoons before her parents would tell her to “TURN IT OFF – “I’m sick of it!

I myself went into a state of denial like an ostrich and refused to even turn on the TV. I preferred to sit outside on the steps and look down the hollow trying to let the wind remove all the feelings of disgust and anger from my mind. To think of all the great strides that we as Americans have overcome in the past 50 years. We fought through periods of strife, racial unrest, over-whelming pollution destroying our environment and partisanship in our government. And there were times we had actually reached compromise on some points between the parties for the GOOD of the American people.

Then a bitter think happened – We had a contested election. We experienced 911. And although America stood strong, the undercurrents of hatred reared their ugly head again. Our country was at the brink of collapse economically and then we had a new president – President Obama. Now the rhetoric changed to an even more hateful tone, racism slinked in stealthily and Republicans championed an era of “SAY NO TO EVERYTHING!!” that the Democrats proposed. Eight years passed and now it was a campaign of “LIES, LIES and MORE LIES” by the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

It happened people. We did not rally hard enough, we failed to keep the American values alive and now we have a DICTATOR KING. I could go on and on but my frustrations are best viewed in the Bumper Stickers, Protest Posters and Toons I have assembled. Copy them, pass them among friends and

Fight , Fight, Fight with


P.S. There will be many updates to this site… visit often to see what’s new !