Friends and Countrymen

This site is born of the frustration and despair as a result of the 2016 election.

My 9 year old granddaughter awoke on election morning and ran to the television and immediately turned on the news. A 'Shriek' was heard throughout the house as she ran to the kitchen with tears streaming down her face. "You told me there was no way he could win," she screamed. "Why daddy? Why". "How did it happen? What will happen to my friends at school?" She was so distraught that she balled up her little fist and hit the sheet-rock wall actually denting it and ran to her bedroom, flung herself on her bed and wept for 3 hours... [read more]
Mission Statement
      The mission of this website is to expose Donald Trump's daily disregard for our citizens and their future generations with Bumper Stickers, Political Posters and TrumpLand Toons that we offer to the public "FREE" of charge. We only ask that you copy and share the media with your friends and perhaps have them blown up for use at tRUMP demonstrations. DO NOT use our images for resale!! We will continually update this site. Be sure to get on our email list for update notifications. We have only posted a few selections to get the site off the ground, many more items are soon to be posted. Every news cycle finds us watching the basic laws of the land being subverted which gives us fodder for new material. The unending craziness of this administration and their relentless strive to dismantle our government, diminish our institutions, and change our laws with total disregard to human rights and freedoms is giving us pause and courage at the same time... [read more]